Tuning is about getting the maximum performance from your vehicle.  This is achieved by using the best auto parts to suit your desired level of performance.  Choosing the right auto parts can get confusing when trying to find information online.

Luckily you have options. With over 20 years of industry experience servicing European brands, we have the knowledge to suggest what auto parts to use, where to use them, and when their use is appropriate. We know about these auto parts not from hearsay on the internet, but from first hand experience and seeing them in action. We know what auto parts you can count on and which ones will leave you in the cold.


Anybody can buy auto parts online. Not everyone can properly and safely install those auto parts. Don’t leave it to chance.  Our advice, don’t try to install these auto parts yourself.  Let our professionally trained technicians handle the job.  With Hi Standard Tire & Auto, we stand behind our products and our service.

Tuning Today

Whether buying your auto parts from us or supplying your own, with today’s vehicle’s sophisticated management systems, tuning has taken on a different complexion.  It is no longer enough to just install the part, in most cases you must also program it to the vehicle.  From a simple bolt on to a complex engine remapping, we have the expertise to do the job right.

Some Of Our Brands