Do you lack space in your house, condo, or apartment to store your off season tires? Or perhaps you are sick of constantly having to lug your tires and wheels to the shop every couple of months to have them changed? If you leave them on our tire rack, you don’t have to worry!

We have hundreds of tire racks and are constantly expanding to serve you better! Many customers are amazed at how affordable and how much more convenient it is to leave their tires at our shop.


It’s Affordable

Most people think that using our tire rack is expensive! But with prices starting at only $80 per set for 6 months (depending on size and weight of tires) you are really only looking at a few of dollars a month!

It’s Safe

We guarantee that your wheels and tires will come back in the same condition that you dropped them off in. We have an extensive documentation, sortation, retrieval, and storage system that ensures your tires and wheels are safe.  At no extra charge, at the time of changeover, we inspect and report the condition of your wheels and tires.

It’s Convenient

If you use our tire rack, then remember that you don’t have to lug those heavy, and sometimes dirty, tires and wheels back and forth from the shop.  Leave them with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

It’s Easy

Maybe your tires and wheels don’t fit in your car?  Or maybe the tires track mud and dirt on your seats resulting in you having to get it detailed?  No matter the reason, the truth is that driving your tires to and from the shop every season is a hassle.  But leave them with us, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!