Are you looking for an oil change or transmission service? Come to Hi Standard Tire & Auto.  Regular scheduled maintenance plays a vital role in keeping the long term costs of car ownership down. Take for example your transmission. The average transmission is designed for a long life. The number one reason for transmission failure is lack of regular maintenance, such as fluid and filter service.

A proper maintenance schedule insures that your transmission is getting the best care possible and that any minor problems or leaks are caught before they can cause major damage. If you pay careful attention to your transmission maintenance, you can extend its life significantly and delay costly rebuilds or replacements.

The same is true for many other systems in your car. Proper maintenance will save you lots of headaches and costs farther down the line. Let our experts help you! With us, you can always expect the best advice and the best service.


Our staff know how to maintain your vehicle because we have been doing it for over 20 years. We know which models need a little more or less attention in certain area’s then others and we are always happy to share that knowledge with our customers.

Warranty Approved

Don’t be fooled by your dealer! Regular maintenance performed at non-dealership mechanic shops does NOT void your warranty! By law. That is great news for you because maintenance services at dealerships tend to be much more expensive then independent non-dealer alternatives.

From Oil Changes to Transmission Services

Don’t forget that we do it all. That means that we can be your one stop shop for all of your car needs. So if you end up needing more than just a simple oil change and need some additional repairs on your vehicle, you don’t have to go to another location on another day to fix it. We can take care of it all at one place and at one time, saving you time and money.