Tires are a key part of your car’s safety system. Without the proper tires, you may be compromising all the other components in your car that are there to keep you safe. Let our tire experts evaluate your tire needs and let you know exactly what you require.

As a member of the OK Tire group of stores we have access to many different brands. We also operate an independent tire distribution network that allows us access to most remaining brands not available at OK Tire. From Michelin to Yokohama and everything in between, you can be sure we carry it.

Whether you are looking at summer, winter, all weather, or all season tires, we have the right fit for any car and any driver. Call us today for your no obligation quote and find out just how easy and affordable improving your car’s safety and performance with a new set of tires can be.

For more information check out our brands below or call us at 416-740-5029.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are ideal for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. For the best driving performance, summer tires are suggested in Canada from April until October, or when the weather starts to get colder. For maximum performance, we suggest tires that are W, Y, or Z speed rated. Call us today to find out more information.

Winter Tires

Winter tires are ideal for temperature conditions below 7 degrees Celsius. For driving in snowy or icy conditions, no other tire class can provide this level of traction. You can check out more information on our page dedicated to WINTER TIRE INFORMATION.

All-Weather Tires

While not an alternative to winter tires, they can be an effective alternative to all season tires in urban and light winter conditions. A relative new comer to the industry, in layman’s terms it features tread patterns more reminiscent of winter tires, but with a rubber compound more similar to all season tires. These tires are useful in certain situations, but nothing beats a winter tire’s traction in harsh winter weather.

All-Season Tires

All season tires provide a mix of summer tire performance and a limited amount of winter tire traction. These tires are best for milder climates that have seasonal increases and decreases in temperature but are not suggested in climates that receive heavy amounts of snowfall. For Ontario and Quebec, it is highly suggested that you use summer tires in the summer and winter tires in the winter.

Featured Brands

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